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Kevin Gibbons was was born in Derby, England in 1984. In 2002, at the age of 18 Kevin started his bartending career. Kevin worked at a local cocktail bar and began his knowledge in bartending, mixology and flair. For years Kevin worked in restaurants, bars and nightclubs around England earning money to support my education in Sports Science and performing arts. After graduating from Brunel college, Kevin wanted to take his stage career to the bar scene. In 2005, Kevin moved to Spain to work for one of the most famous bars across the Costa Blanca, Champagne Bar, where he expanded his knowledge on the bar, learned advanced methods and techniques in mixology, flair, and mastered the psychology of bartending. In 2007 Kevin became the head Bartender of Champagne bar and developed his reputation for phenomenal service, management and created the most intense bar training that the Costa Blanca had ever seen. In 2010 Kevin was offered a position as managing partner at Elite Bartending School Miami and made his move to the star spangled banner. In 2012 Kevin published a Flair manual and DVD along side Austin Gagnon, the CEO of Elite Bartending School, which can now be purchased at one of the biggest online bar suppliers in the world, Now well known for his crazy concoctions, Kevin wows his guests with great bottle tricks and satisfies them with fantastic mixology skills, across the world. Kevin has worked with companies such as Bacardi, Myers Rum and Absolute Vodka across the globe, traveling from places such as New York, Jamaica and even Antigua, demonstrating and educating people in product Knowledge, mixology and flair. In 2015 Kevin became the social media face of Malibu Rum filming commercials that received millions of likes, shares and comments. With over 14 years experience of working in and managing bars, creating cocktail menus, assisting in opening new locations, and teaching, Kevin now brings his education and global knowledge on mixology to Orlando, Florida.

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