Our bartending alumni Scott recently traveled to Cuba after graduation from Elite Bartending School Orlando.

He wanted to come and share his discovery with our new bartending schools’ students. He showed us how they make the Mojito in Ernest Hemingway’s bar in Cuba, where the mojito was created.

I love when our bartending school students learn new and exciting things out of Elite Bartending School Orlando and want to share their discovery with all of our new bartending school students.

What an honor, having a student become so passionate about their new found bartending career, thank you Scott from all of us at Elite Bartending School Orlando.

Scott starts of with adding honey instead of sugar as his sweetener, at Elite Bartending School Orlando, we teach our students how to create simple syrup for this fantastic classic cocktail.

He then adds 1oz of squeezed Lime juice instead of muddling the lime as this prevents breaking the pith of the lime and making the Mojito bitter.

At Elite Bartending School Orlando, we teach our students how to muddle the lime and avoid breaking the pith, but this technique definitely helps with this problem that the majority of bartenders do.

He then adds a splash of soda water so he can easily break down the honey and mix the ingredients together.

At Elite Bartending School in our Orlando location we add the Soda water last as we don’t use honey in our recipe.

Scott then uses Havana Club 7 rum, an amazing rum from Cuba, at Elite Bartending School Orlando we use Bacardi Light rum, I preferer to use light rum as I believe it makes for better presentation and allows our bartending students to sweeten the drink by adding sugar.

Scott Muddles the Mint stem not the leaves as most of the flavor comes from the stem itself.

At Elite Bartending School Orlando, we teach to muddle the leaves, and spank the mint sprig to extract the flavors.

He then gives his Mojito a little stir and adds his soda water

This Version of the cocktail tastes amazing! Thank you, Scott, for sharing your fantastic discovery with myself and all of our bartending students from Elite Bartending School Orlando!!