Today at Elite Bartending School, Orlando, we learnt yet another twist on the Old Fashioned. Our student Julianne walks us through the rosemary Smoked Old Fashioned, this is an amazing twist on this already classic and popular cocktail and changes the taste completely.

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So here is the steps and ingredients on how to make the Rosemary Smoked Old Fashioned.

This Rosemary Smoked Old Fashioned takes some time to prepare.

First, we need to smoke out our mixing glass to insure the flavor really gets trapped into the ingredients.

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First things first, you need to prepare your home-made simple syrup

At Elite Bartending School Orlando, we teach you how to make and infuse the perfect simple syrup.

Then you need to select your favorite premium Bourbon Whisky, we have chosen to use Makers Mark Bourbon as it has a slightly softer flavor, this is going to allow a stronger flavor of rosemary to enter the cocktail that we will create at the top bartending school in Orlando.

Then we need to be very careful adding our Angostura bitters, too much will destroy the drink, so only add a few drops, before you stir all the ingredients together.

Yes, this is a stirred cocktail, at Elite Bartending School Orlando we go into the depths of why cocktails need to be shaken and some cocktails need to be stirred.

Before adding any of the ingredients we need to light our rosemary and smoke out the glass, this should take no longer than 15 seconds.

Add your Bourbon whisky and simple syrup to the glass before adding ice, we don’t want to soften the whisky flavor, so this step is essential.

Add 2 – 3 drops of bitters, choose your bitters, we recommend Angostura bitters for this cocktail.

Add ice, stir all the ingredients together and finally strain over a giant ice cube, garnishing the drink with a smoked rosemary branch to allow the customer to taste the drink first not last.

Two parts Bourbon Whisky to one-part simple syrup.

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