At Elite Bartending School, Orlando, we don’t just teach you how to bartend, we help you to master the craft.

At Elite bartending school we make a lot of real drinks, so our students can receive a top bartending education and learn the fundamentals of mixology that we provide our students here with a top-notch bartending education, teaching our bartending students how to create their own drinks, teaching them how to professionally balance out cocktails.

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Today we are going to discuss one of the most classic drinks of all times, The Old Fashioned, however, we are going to add yet another twist to this classic cocktail here at Elite Bartending School, Orlando.

This version of the classic Old Fashioned is a simple drink that is hard to master. Here at Elite Bartending School Orlando we will show you how to balance this drink to perfection.

This Bacon infused Old Fashioned takes some time to prepare.

First, we need to infuse our Bourbon Whisky with bacon, this takes about 5 days of preparation.

Come learn how to infuse whiskies at the top bartending school in Orlando, Elite bartending school.

First things first, you need to replace your home-made simple syrup, with maple syrup.

Then you need to select your favorite premium Bourbon Whisky, we have chosen to use Makers Mark Bourbon as it has a slightly softer flavor, this is going to balance out perfectly with our Maple syrup.

Then we need to be very careful adding our Angostura bitters, too much will destroy the drink, so only add a few drops, before you stir all the ingredients together.

Yes, this is a stirred cocktail, at Elite Bartending School Orlando we go into the depths of why cocktails need to be shaken and some cocktails need to be stirred.

Before adding ice to your mixing glass, add ½ oz of St Germain, this will add a slight floral flavored to the cocktail, softening the drink.

Finally strain over a giant ice cube, garnishing the drink with your dipped bacon strips to bring out the amazing flavors of this cocktail.

Remember, allow your customers to taste the drink first not last.

Two parts Bourbon Whisky to one-part maple syrup.

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