Thank You all for posting your revue on google, here are our newest reviews posted from our amazing bartending school alumni at Elite Bartending School, here in Orlando Florida!! Thank you for all our amazing and supportive bartending school alumni who found the time to post a bartending revue on google and Yelp!! We thank you and love seeing all the awesome feedback!! Elite bartending school, Orlando is truly the best bartending school & event staffing company in Orlando, Florida!! Here are another 5 more bartending school alumni that also agree!!!

Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Taushi Bailey

I just completed Elite Bartending school downtown Orlando. I went in not knowing much about bartending. I must say I have now become well educated in the bartending field. This bartending school in Orlando lives up to its name. It’s Elite and exceptional. My experience was over and beyond my expectations. The bartending instructor Kevin is a great teacher, very experienced, knowledgeable and he will prepare you to be able to become a top notch bartender where ever you decide to bartend. If you plan on enrolling for Elite Bartending School Orlando, plan to do a lot of studying because that’s the only way you will successfully past and complete the course.
Thank you Kevin and Angela !!

 Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Alfred Lang

This bartending school is awesome & would totally recommend 10/10. If you want to learn bartending the right way–this is the bartending school for you. Kevin (the instructor) wants you to succeed and will do everything to help you no matter what. He is extremely knowledgeable on all there is to know about bartending. Fun and informative bartending classes while keeping it professional. The bartending classes were designed to perfection. Study, study, & study!

Thank you for everything Kevin & Angela.

 Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Ryan Marshall

I took the Sunday classes last month and thoroughly enjoyed the well thought out teaching style from Kevin. Everything is hands on in an actual bar and packed full of knowledge and understanding of the basics of bartending, cocktails and liquor/liqueur differences and flavors. I’ve been a trainer for many years in several different restaurants and Kevin utilizes the fundamentals of learning and memory: seeing it, hearing it, doing it, and repetition. The entire 40 hour class is well organized and designed so that you will succeed in passing the class and he goes above and beyond by helping you create a bartending aimed resume and a high success rate of landing you a good paying bartending position! With his 17+ years experience and all the aspects of the class and his passion for teaching you simply can’t beat the price and value of this school. I recommend it to any and all that wish to learn more or just expand their bartending knowledge! I have every intention of continuing on with Elite bartending school Orlando and taking the flair, advanced mixology classes and any events I can!

Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Jade Lorenzo

The bartending class is so much fun all around. Kevin is a great teacher and super flexible with learning speeds. The Treehouse atmosphere is perfect and made everything even better. Thank You Elite Bartending School Orlando!

 Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Dominic Kling

Going in to this class I had no experience, and wanted a bartending school that would really teach me and test me. I didn’t want a bartending school that would just give me a gold star and a pat on the back and i made the right choice. Kevin is an amazing teacher and makes sure when you pass this class that you’re absolutely ready. To add on to that this bartending class is intensive you’ll be shocked how much you will learn in what feels like a short time.