After our first year here in beautiful Orlando Florida, we look back at some of our first reviews that our bartending schools location in Orlando Florida has received. What a beautiful year it’s been here at Elite Bartending School. Thank you to all our amazing and supportive bartending school alumni who found the time to post a bartending revue on google and Yelp!! We thank you and love seeing all the awesome feedback!! Elite bartending school, Orlando is truly the best bartending school & event staffing company in Orlando, Florida!! Here are our first 5 bartending school alumni that also agree!!!

Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: David Castellanos

(Translated by Google) Elite bartending school  Orlando is the best bartending academy I could find in Orlando, his professionalism exceeded everything and every one of the standards he had when entering, Kevin is a great professional and if he is your teacher you will be in the best hands of the place it should be noted that for people like me who tell us we develop in English has an excellent patience so that all the information can arrive I personally recommend it 100%, look no further and try here that I assure you that it will not go, thank you very much for the teachings love and friendship Elite Bartending School Orlando

Elite bartending school Orlando es la.mejor academia que me pude encontrar en Orlando, su profesionalismo superó todo y cada uno de los estándares que tenía s la hora de entrar, Kevin es un gran profesional y si el es tu profesor quedarás en las mejores manos del lugar cabe destacar que para personas como yo que nos cuentas desarrollamos en Inglés tiene una excelente paciencia para que toda la información pueda llegar yo personalmente la recomiendo 100%, no busquen más y prueben acá que les aseguro que mal no les irá, muchísimas gracias por las enseñanzas el cariño y la amistad élite bartending school


Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Litney Hernandez

(Translated by Google) I have felt very good in the classes even though I do not speak English nor understand 100%. I really like the way Kevin teaches us the essential techniques to be the best bartender and be able to grow quickly in this branch. It has been a great experience for me. I’m sure there’s no better place to learn, I recommend 100%. Kevin is the best.

Me he sentido muy bien en las clases a pesar de que no hablo el inglés ni entiendo 100%. Me gusta mucho la manera en que Kevin nos enseña las técnicas esenciales para ser el mejor bartender y poder crecer rápidamente en esta rama. Ha sido una experiencia estupenda para mi. Estoy segura que no hay mejor lugar para aprender se los recomiendo 100%. Kevin es el mejor.


Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Veronica Reyes

(Translated by Google) Excellent bartending course to learn all about the art of Bartending even if you don’t know the language. 100% recommended, a unique and unparalleled experience. The best bartending course!

Excelente curso para aprender todo sobre el arte de Bartender incluso si no sabes el idioma. 100% recomendado, una experiencia única e inigualable. El mejor bartending curso!


 Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: N Montalivo

I stumbled upon an Instagram page for ELITE Orlando Bartending, I noticed they were VERY new, which was a bummer because I really wanted to check the reviews on them…but then Through my searching, I found their main page along with other locations. Perfect! I checked their reviews, website, Yelp etc and was very pleased to see that they were a 5 Star school. I contacted the Orlando IG through DM and the person on the other end was super helpful and really quick to reply answering all 74 of my questions spread throughout different days lol. He informed me that the school didn’t actually begin until January but the October session was to staff EDC Orlando (based on students passing with a high grade) in November, which, hell yeah, I was ALL about that. I liked that I was going to be instructed by an individual whose accolades are provided on the website and was verifiable. I finally decided to enroll in ELITE’s program. Let me tell you that by my 3rd Day I felt confident in my speed, efficiency, 2 handed pours and overall retention of cocktails. Every one in the class had already successfully built 10 (different) cocktails in under 2:30-2:45 minutes. The instructor Kevin is so down to earth, funny, polite and clearly very passionate and experienced in the craft, super patient and teaches you IN AN ACTUAL bar, with music, so you can get a feel of what it’s really like to bartend at an establishment. He does assign homework and expects you to study, but gives ample hands on practice time and gives time goals to beat to build efficiency and confidence. Because the course is really new here, my class was small- which for me was perfect, more individual attention. Immediately after graduation my class was part of EDC staff and i legit made an obscene amount of money in 1 and 1/2 days. Cool thing is I am bartending currently and people have not only told me how great my Old Fashion, (no mix) margaritas, cosmos and bloody Mary’s are but I’ve also been told I LOOK experienced and comfortable bartending.


Elite Bartending School Orlando Alumni: Cyber Carebear

My Elite Bartending School experience was absolutely phenomenal. Small class sizes allow MORE BAR TIME! This is something that other “bartending schools” don’t give you – Elite gives you the absolute best environment to grow and thrive in – a LIVE WET BAR in DOWNTOWN Orlando. From upbeat music, to words of crucial criticism and encouragement, Kevin was a very attentive instructor. He insured that each student received the attention they needed to grow in this course, I witnessed fellow students coming in at 18 years of age, not knowing a scotch from a bourbon and leaving this course with reliable experience and knowledge that has gotten them job offers before even walking out the door. This is NOT an EASY COURSE – if you are looking to put 0 work into something and walk away with a certificate don’t bother! This course is for people who put effort and their own time into studying cocktails and procedures
so they can use class time to learn how to BUILD those cocktails and USE that knowledge first hand. Kevin showed exemplary skill in teaching students as he adapted his style to fit anyone who learned differently. This was a fun and safe environment, it felt OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES! It was okay to LAUGH and have FUN, but we also got down to business. This course was more than a certificate, it was an investment in MYSELF. It will be an investment in YOURSELF. The ongoing events to sign up for and the flair & mixology courses offered for free after your graduation are not offered anywhere else! While being a part of this course I have witnessed bar owners coming in to watch us, liquor company owners wanting to partner with Elite, and deals made before my very eyes. Kevin will sit down and help you BUILD your resume after everything has been said and done. He shows genuine care for his students, this is not a course that you pay, take, pass and move on. This is for people who want to GROW and EVOLVE with the industry, and they will help you every step of the way. It’s not about your money, YOU are worth the investment here. If you want to challenge yourself, if you want competition and growth, community and opportunities (Ultra Music Festival, EDC Orlando, etc.) – There is no better option than Elite Bartending School & Staffing Events.