What an fantastic year its been!! Thank you to all our alumni who found the time to post a bartending revue on google!! We thank you and love seeing all the amazing feedback!! Elite truly is the best bartending school & event staffing company in Orlando, Florida!! Here is 5 more people that also agree!!!


Aliana Taylor

Kevin is the best Bartending instructor and extremely patient. He wants nothing but the best for his bartending students. I had a great experience in the bartending course. I definitely recommend this bartending school, here in Orlando Florida!


Ruiyi Lu

The bartending class was great. I’ve learned more than 100 drink recipes and I am more confident than ever after attending Elite bartending school Orlando. I’ve attended the other highly rated bartending school in Orlando before, however I felt that I needed more practice and I was doubting myself after that class. This class is so Much better! Thank You Elite Bartending School Orlando!!!


Wylde Santos

Best Bartending school ever! The bartending course is challenging but it’s money well spent. You honestly won’t regret taking the bartending course :)


Kim Ross

Almost 54, had us pouring drinks first day. I had thought about bartending school, but I’m retired. Elite bartending school Orlando gives the tools to work festivals! I’m so happy that I joined Elite bartending school in Orlando. Kevin cares. He wants to pass everyone. But it is an intense bartending course that you will be so happy to graduate.💚💙


Nelson S

Graduated with an A! Love this bartending school definitely a second family! The bartending instructor is awesome!!! Thank you Elite Bartending School, Orlando for everything.