What a fantastic year it’s been for Elite Bartending School, here in Orlando Florida!! Thank you to all our bartending school alumni who found the time to post a bartending revue on google!! We thank you and love seeing all the amazing feedback!! Elite truly is the best bartending school & event staffing company in Orlando, Florida!! Here are another 5 more bartending school alumni that also agree!!!

Kim Ross

Almost 54, had us pouring drinks first day at Elite Bartending School. I had thought about bartending school, but I’m retired. Elite bartending school gives the tools to work festivals! I’m so happy that I joined Elite in Orlando. Kevin cares. He wants to pass everyone. But it is an intense bartending course that you will be so happy to graduate.💚💙 Thank You Elite Bartending School Orlando.

Paloma Solis

I would like to proudly say that I’ve NEVER learned so much with in only two weeks. There was SO much hands-on learning as well as teaching lessons about everything you do to be successful bartender. It is really hard work at Elite Bartending School, Orlando… but by hard work either studying, listening, practicing, and having a great teacher like Kevin REALLY does show what this bartending class is about. I would recommend this bartending class to anyone who wants to learn actual bartending knowledge and put it to use. 10/10 moneys worth as well as an opportunity to make great friends which is twice the fun!

Kayla Del Valle

I just graduated from Elite Bartending School Orlando last month. The most amazing bartending class I’ve taken! The skills I’ve obtained gave me the amazing opportunities! If you’re looking to invest in yourself you should definitely attend Elite Bartending School, here in fantastic Orlando Florida.

Sienna Dull

My experience at Elite Bartending School Orlando was a great one and I would definitely recommend anyone to this bartending school if you’re interested in learning everything about making cocktails and becoming a great bartender with skills you can use anywhere. The teacher was very hands on and good at teaching and easy to understand. He is very passionate and has a lot of experience behind several bars.

Brittany Frye

Greatest bartending school you could attend. Elite Bartending School offered a very reasonable price for the abundance of knowledge obtained during the bartending class, and the hands-on experience behind the bar is like no other. Kevin was super knowledgeable and an overall great teacher throughout the duration of the bartending class providing us with the information we needed to know on how to become successful bartenders even down to the smallest details of the Trade. I highly recommend Elite Bartending School Orlando to anyone that wants to further their knowledge on bartending or is interested in going into this line of work!! Thank You Elite Bartending School, Orlando.